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Why WordPress over Squarespace?

It’s probably fair to say that Squarespace’s core audience is comprised of users without web development skills. The key idea behind Squarespace is that anyone can use the platform to make their own website, without needing to code at all.  This leads to a ‘walled garden’ approach, where everything is very tightly locked down in […]


Are fish cold-blooded?

A pretty simple question, right? But the answer may be a bit more complicated than you think. First, we have to specify what exactly it means to be “cold blooded” with a few definitions. We’ll start with the terms, endothermic and ectothermic. I’m sure you’ve got these down pat, as they probably were drilled into your head since […]

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Why does my Paintball Gun Rapid Fire?

An issue which is common among every player is that paintball gun rapid fire or double firing. I have seen many paintball related forums with threads unanswered for this specific question. The main reason is that it is a little complicated topic to explain. A rapid-fire or double fire issue can happen due to an […]

Why are my paintballs oily
Frequently Asked

Why are my paintballs oily?

One of my friends who is new to paintball game recently asked me this question ” why are may paintballs oily and are they meant to be so ?”.  Years back, when I started playing the game, even I came across a situation where my paintballs were oily.  I was little hesitant to find the […]