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How to make a Paintball Pod Holder

Well, you know that paintball pod holder is very important for a Paintball player. I always like to cut down my cost of playing some way. So I was thinking like why don’t I make a Paintball pod holder by myself. So I started collecting some data from online resources and forums to know how […]

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How to Bunker an Opponent in Paintball

Are you looking for some strategies to learn how to bunker an opponent in paintball? Bunkering is one of the important paintball strategies to win a game. When a paintball player run up to an opponent bunker and shoot the opponent team member from behind, it is called bunkering. Bunkering is a wonderful way to […]

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How to build a Paintball Course

Are looking for some ideas to build a paintball course by yourself? This article will cover the entire steps on how to build a paintball course. To make your construction more cost-effective, we will make use of everyday yard materials. Building a field by your own will save a lot of money, which you can […]

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How to play Paintball Game Safely

Safety should be our primary concern while playing a game. It is the same in case of  Paintball too. In this post, we will discuss on how to play paintball game safely. You might be thinking, since we are using soft guns there is no risk in this game. It is not true, most modern […]

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How to Select a Paintball Gun

How to select a paintball gun? Paintball is a game which was started by mid of the 1880s and is one of the most popular recreational game. One of the important and must neede gadget for this game is a Paintball Gun. Paintball guns are also known as markers. Some other important gadgets for paintball […]

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How to get into paintballing

How to get into Paintballing: Paintball is a competitive and addictive shooting game which first played in 1981. Over the years there are many changes and advancement happen to a paintball game. However, the basic game remains the same and you can adopt any mode and level of play as you wish. You can start […]

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Home made paint ball guns

Home made paintball guns: Are you thinking of making a paintball gun by yourself? Don’t worry !!! you are at the right place. In this post, we will discuss step by step process of home made paint ball guns. Are you feeling that the paintball guns available in the markets are little costlier than what […]

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Nitrogen tanks for paintball guns

 Nitrogen tanks for paintball guns: Nitrogen tanks or HPA (High Pressure Air) tanks are the modern adaption CO2 tanks for paintball tanks.In this post we will discuss in detail about the importance of a HPA tank , how to choose the best one and how to use them.A paintball gun uses HPA or Nitrogen tanks […]