Paintball Masks with Fans built in

Does Paintball Masks with Fans built in really worth buying?

Paintball Masks with fans built in? What is that?

One of the night mare of every paintball players is having his maks filled up with fog in the mid of a game. There is no way other than wiping it down by lifting your mask. Thats really unsafe and will also disturb the momentam of the game.

You might think why it is important and how to prevent your paintabll mask from getting fogged up during the game.Dont worry this post will provide answer for both.

What are the solutions for Paintball masks fog up issue?

There are three different approaches to resolve this issue, which one to choose is upto you. All the three methods has its own merits and demerits.

  1. Using Anti-fog lense solution(Read more)
  2. Anti Fog Paintball Mask(Read more)
  3. Paintball mask with Fans built in it.

We have two dedicated posts for the first two options.In this post will discuss in detail about paintball mask with fans built in it.

How does a Paintball Masks with Fans built in work?

Paintball Mask fans works on the basis of a very simple design and concept. The main use of this is provide porper air circulation for your mask and avoid the chance for fog.Using Ant-fog lense solution can withstand fog only for a certain period of time. Anti Fog masks does a better job, still it has few flaws when we play for a hours contnously.

Before we move on to how a paintball mask fan works, lets see the main reasons for the fog.

  1. The year you breath ot has higher volume of moisture and is warm which increases the humidity inside your mask.
  2. As the warm air acculmulates, the temperature inside your mask increases when compared to the outside one.

In this case, when the humid air comes in contcat with mask lens, it condense. This condensation of humid air result in fog. Thus the main purpose of masks with built in fan is to reduce humidity and temperature.

You might have noticed that on early morning your car window got fog up. Using your car AC will help to clear it. Similarly when it is raining heavily, you may face the same situation. In both the case condensation of humidity which in contact with the car window results in this. The built in fan for mask does the job similar to a car ventilation.

So, a simple answer for how a paintball mask works?  they simple exhange the inside humid air with outside one and keeps the inside temperature normal.In addition to that this avoid suffocation for you in case of continous play. The mask fans are helpful in 3 ways.

  1. It remove the humid and warmm air from inside of the mask.
  2. Bring cool air in from outside.
  3. Peforms both the above actions simultanously.

If you are using a normal paintball mask, then you must know that its it is not safe for you. The air which you breathe out to the mask contain more Corbonmonoxide. In case of no ventilation, you will repeatedly breathe this air. Air which is lack in oxygen and abundent in Carbonmonoxide decreases your brain function after a ceratin period.In this case, your ability to think and respose quick might decrease . In addition to that you may feel drowsy easily.

Simiarly fogging up in the middle of game will force you to stop for a while, clean it and then restart. Fogging up will blur your vision and you may loose your accuracy. We have tested out of few Anti-fog mask with inbuilt fan and create a list of few best ones.

#1 M04 Airsoft Tactical Protective Mask.

Very hard memory composite and lens with dual filter is the main attraction of this product.The mask has high shock absortion property with anti fogging property with proper ventilation.Forehead cussion and adjustable starp are other good benefits of this product.It is currently available only black color.

Paintball Masks with Fans built in

#2 Outgeek M50 Airsoft Mask Full Face Skull CS Mask With Fan.

This product comes with two air circulation fans and twp inner pair glasses. The two pairs of inner glasses are transparent and protect you from sunshine and explotions. The two fans comes with inbuilt filters ,clean the air while it circulate. This helps to prevent you breathing the paintball sediments outside your mask.This is an excellant option for those who looking for s stylish and effective mask for your game.

Paintball Masks with Fans built in

#3 Jadedragon Tactical Paintball Dummy Gas mask.

A decent product which is available in three varrian colors.Two exhaust fans on either side of the maks whih provides better ventilation.The fans work with the help of batteries and works with minimal battery charge .Comes with nylon adjustable straps, sturty and tough.Can effectively prevent paintball and BB bullets withour fogging.

Paintball Masks with Fans built in

#4 Tactical Paintball Full Face Mask M50.

This is pretty solid mask for its price.Provide better air circulation and act perfectly as a defogger.If you are looking for cheap one which servers your purpose, then you can try for this. But I would always suggest the other three products over this one.

Paintball Masks with Fans built in


If you frustated with the fog inside your paintball mask, we will advice you to try any of the above list. Built fans are one of the best solution for fog and imrpove air circulation for your paintball mask. You may also like my post on  How to make a Paintball gun at home

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