Why does my paintball gun not recock

Recently while checking some online forum, I came across a few people seeking advice on a paintball gun not recock issue. I found that there was no proper answer to this question in any online resources. Thus, I decided to do detail research on this topic and provide an answer to this question. Paintball guns are unpredictable equipment which may face problems due to some internal issues. Similar to this I have written an article on why your paintball may be oily.

One main reason for a is that your air tank / HPA tank is empty. If your air tank is not empty, then there is a chance that paintballs might be broken and gummed up in your previous use. In rare case, less or inadequate pressure in hammer will also result in this issue.

While checking, I found that there are multiple reasons for this issue. In this post, I am going to discuss this issue in detail.

Paintball gun not recock

If you could not fix the issue using any of the above methods, then there may be some mechanical malfunctioning issue with your gun. In such case , you may need to ask for a replacement or visit any professional fixing store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check if the recock issue is with tank

In most of the case, this issue arises due to empty paintball tank. One the tank does not have enough air, it cannot provide the pressure for firing the paintball away from the gun. If you are using a new tank, the issue might not be with your tank. Anyway, to double check you may back your tank off 1/2 and try firing the gun upwards.

How to check if the recock issue is due to broken paintballs

If everything is fine with your tank, then lest check for the second issue. There are chances for paintball to break inside your gun in your last round. Broken paintball will settle inside the gun and gets attached to the inside wall. In such a case, you need to remove the broken balls from inside. Then apply some paintball oil inside to make it smooth for firing.

How to check if the issue is due to Hammer

There may be a chance that the pressure on the hammer might decrease over a period of time which results in this issue. Adjust the tension on the hammer, and test whether the gun is working fine. If it does not solve the issue, then you might need to replace your hammer.

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Paintball gun does not recock issue is common among all the paintball guns. As we discussed in this article it may be due to the empty tank or broken paintballs, or some mechanical failure.

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